The Hand

Comic book illustrator, Jon Lansdale, has a rocky relationship with his wife Anne and daughter Lizzie, things are made much worse when Jon looses his hand in a car accident while Anne was driving. After failing to find the hand, Jon is left with no means to continue his work. Anne decides to move to New York for a while, as Jon leaves for LA to teach in a college, however when Anne and Lizzie come to LA over Christmas things go from bad to worse. Jon’s severed hand is seeking revenge on everyone who has done him wrong, and Anne is at the top of the list. With the bodies beginning to pile up, all the evidence is pointing to Jon, but does he even know whats happening.

Director: Oliver Stone

Actors: Michael Caine, Andrea Marcovicci, Annie McEnroe, Bruce McGill, Mara Hobel, Viveca Lindfors, Pat Corley

Year: 1981

Length: 104 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Adult themes & Violence


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