The Jerk

The story of Navin, a simple idiotic man adopted and raised with a black family in Mississippi. On Navin’s 18th birthday when he realises he was adopted and will never be black he decides to set out and see the world, so he heads to St. Louis. Navin works at a gas station to begin with and by accident creates a million dollar idea that eventually makes him a very rich man. Along his travels Navin meets and falls in love with Marie, a girl he ran into while working at the circus. Navin is nave and unfortunately people take advantage of him, especially when he becomes rich.

Director: Carl Reiner

Actors: Steve Martin, Bernadette Peters, M. Emmet Walsh, Catlin Adams, Mabel King, Jackie Mason, Dick O’Neill

Year: 1979

Length:94 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Sexual references, Low level coarse language


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