The Legend of Bagger Vance

After the death of her father, Adele Invergordon sets up a golfing tournament so she can keep her fathers estate and business. Adele’s old boyfriend Rannulph Junuh was an amazing golfer before the war but he returned a different man, unable to face society and a drunk. Adele brings together Walter Hagen and Bobby Jones, two of the best golfers around and finally convinces Junuh to play again making it a three-way tournament for a $10,000 prize. Junuh is approached by a mystical caddy called Bagger Vance who helps him recover his game and teaches him the secret of an authentic golf stroke, helping him find the meaning in life also.

Director: Robert Redford

Actors: Matt Damon, Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Bruce McGill, Joel Gretsch, J. Michael Moncrief, Lane Smith

Year: 2000

Length: 126 Minutes

Classification: PG13+ Adult themes, Medium level coarse language


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