The Lion King

Groomed and raised to be King one day young Simba faces a promising life, that is until his evil uncle Scar plots the murder of Simba’s father Mufasa. Scar then threatens Simba to leave and never come home leaving himself to become king and bring destruction to the highlands. Simba grows up in the jungles with his new best friends Timon and Pumba in a relaxed lifestyle far from his former calling, until he runs into his old friend Nala who warns Simba of the chaos Scar has caused by taking his place. Its finally time for Simba to step up and become the King he was born to be.

Director:Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff

Actors:Matthew Broderick, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Jeremy Irons, James Earl Jones, Moira Kelly, Nathan Lane

Year: 1994

Length:88 Minutes

Classification: G8+ General


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