The Man from Snowy River

In the mountains of Australia during the 1880’s, young 18 year old Jim Craig looses his father in a horse accident. Forced to fend for himself, Jim leaves home to the low lands to try and earn enough money to get the farm back up and running. When Jim arrives in a small town run by a man named Harrison he soon falls in love with the mans daughter Jessica, Harrison is especially against this when Jim is blamed for letting his prize stallion loose to run off with the wild horses. Now Jim must prove he is a man and get the stallion back and prove it wasn’t him who let it loose.

Director: George T. Miller

Actors: Tom Burlinson, Sigrid Thornton, Kirk Douglas, Jack Thompson, Terence Donovan, Tommy Dysart

Year: 1982

Length: 102 Minutes

Classification: PG13+ Low level violence, Low level coarse language


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