The Muppets

Brothers and big times Muppet fans Gary and Walter, along with Gary’s girlfriend Mary, plan a trip to L.A to see the Muppet studios. When they arrive the are disappointed at the old run-down studio that has been out of action for years, now the villainous oil tycoon Tex Richman wants to tare it down to drill for oil. Gary and Walter decide to track down Kermit the frog and bring the old gang back together for one last show in order to raise the 10 million needed to buy the studio back. Kermit finds it hard to believe but eventually he saddles up for a road trip to pick up the rest of the Muppets and bring their name back into the light.

Director: James Bobin

Actors: Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Peter Linz, Chris Cooper, Steve Whitmire, Eric Jacobson, Rashida Jones

Year: 2011

Length: 103 Minutes

Classification: G8+ General


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