The Ridiculous 6

After his mother was murdered when he was a child Tommy was raised by native American Indians and has grown up with the name White Knife, one day Tommy’s long lost father Frank Stockburn crosses his path but before long he is capture by a gang and taken away in search of a hidden loot. Desperate to find his father again Tommy journeys through towns robbing banks to pay off his fathers debt, along the way Tommy discovers that he has five half-brothers, Ramon, Chico, Herm, Danny and Lil’ Pete who all want to meet their wayward deadbeat dad as well. The six decide to form a gang and go after their father and along the way develop a close brotherly bond, through this crazy adventure led by the Ridiculous Six.

Director: Frank Coraci

Actors: Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Taylor Lautner, Terry Crews, Luke Wilson, Jorge Garcia, Nick Nolte

Year: 2015

Length:119 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Crude humour, Violence & Sexual references


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