The Shallows

On a beautiful and secluded beach in the middle of nowhere Nancy Adams plans a day of surfing and reminiscing of the beach her dead mother used to go to before she was born. Not long into the surf Nancy is knocked from her board by a huge great white shark, she swims frantically to a shallow reef a mere 200 yards off-shore. With a bleeding bite mark on her leg and barely any resources Nancy must determine what to do and how to stay alive with this shark circling the reef, and the tide is coming in. The beach is close but is it worth risking the swim or is there another way

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra

Actors: Blake Lively, scar Jaenada, Brett Cullen, Sedona Legge, Angelo Jos Lozano Corzo, Pablo Calva

Year: 2016

Length:86 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Scenes of peril, Bloody injury detail & Coarse language


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