Trial by Fire

Based on the true story and trial of Cameron Todd Willingham, who in 1991 was arrested and sentenced to death by lethal injection for a house fire that killed his three young daughters. Believed to be a violent and aggressive man with a criminal past, the Texas police department convicted Todd on his reputation and what seemed to be a deliberately set fire rather than looking at the actual evidence. While on death row, Todd is visited regularly by Elizabeth Gilbert who is sympathetic to his case, she is not a professional lawyer but she gathers evidence and false reports to try and appeal Todd’s case before its too late. After 12 years in prison, Todd finally has a date set for execution, though he now also has a glimmer of hope that he could be discovered to be innocent, however the justice system is flawed and could provide devastating results.

Director: Edward Zwick

Actors: Jack O’Connell, Laura Dern, Emily Meade, David Wilson Barnes, Jeff Perry, Jade Pettyjohn, Chris Coy

Year: 2018

Length: 127 Minutes

Classification: MA15+ Strong themes


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