Tropic Thunder

Out in the Vietnam jungle trying to recreate a true war story for film are three actors, Action movie star Tugg Speedman who’s on the downslide of his professional career, Five time oscar winner Kirk Lazarus a serious Australian method actor and Comedian Jeff Portnoy known for his Fatties films and also is a rampant drug user. On location they are left to their own devices to create this epic film but little do they know they have wondered into real Vietcong territory and now must become the soldiers they are portraying.

Director: Ben Stiller.

Actors: Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr, Jack Black, Jay Baruchel, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Cruise, Steve Coogan, Danny McBride

Year: 2008

Length:107 Minutes

Classification: MA15+ Strong violence, Coarse language, Sexual & Drug references


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