A Pixar Animation, In the not so distant future earth has been abandoned and only one thing remains, a robot called WALL-E who has been left to clean up all the rubbish. WALL-E spends his days making garbage towers and his only pal is a sprightly pet cockroach. One day EVA, a new robot comes down to earth to find proof that life is once again sustainable, WALLE-E and EVA fall in love but soon after EVA finds a plant and automatically entersa deactivated coma-like state except for a blinking beacon. WALL-E is in love so he keeps her safe until the mother ship comes back to retrieve EVA and the WALL-E is in for the adventure of his life trying to get he back.

Director: Andrew Stanton

Actors: Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Jeff Garlin, Fred Willard, Sigourney Weaver, John Ratzenberger, Kathy Najimy

Year: 2008

Length:98 Minutes

Classification: G8+ General


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