What Dreams May Come

Soon after their children are killed in a car accident Chris Nielsen dies also, leaving his wife Annie behind. Chris wakes up in his own personal heaven created from his imagination which seems to be insideone of his wife’s paintings, everything is beautiful but their is one thing missing, Annie. A while later Annie commits suicide and ends up in hell, Chris chooses to risk eternity and venture out to save his wife and bring her back to heaven. With the help of Albert Lewis and The Tracker Chris finds her but her mind is playing tricks and Chris is unsure she could ever be saved, so how will he bring her back

Director: Vincent Ward

Actors: Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding Jr, Annabella Sciorra, Max von Sydow, Jessica Brooks Grant, Josh Paddock

Year: 1998

Length:113 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Adult themes, Low level coarse language


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