White Bird in a Blizzard

In the late 80’s, 17-year-old Kat Connors lives a fairly normal teenage life, though her parents Eve and Brock don’t get along at all. Eve seems like the prefect housekeeper, cleaner and cook but she has a deep hatred of her husband and now she is becoming a danger to Kat. One day Eve disappears, nobody knows why or what has happened, no cluse of evidence was left, she just vanished. As time passed Kat slowly forgets about her strange mother and carries on with her life, though she soon develops a suspicion that she was murdered and that her boyfriend Phil might have something to do with it.

Director: Gregg Araki

Actors: Shailene Woodley, Eva Green, Christopher Meloni, Shiloh Fernandez, Thomas Jane, Gabourey Sidibe

Year: 2014

Length:91 Minutes

Classification: MA15+ Strong sex scene


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