Wise Guys

Italian American Harry Valentini and his Jewish neighbor/best friend Moe Dickstein are run around guys for Newark Mafia boss Anthony Castelo. They are treated like rubbish and constantly teased by the other mobsters, however when they are entrusted to bet a large amount of Castelo’s money on a particular horse at the races, Harry sees it an an opportunity to bet on a horse with better odds of winning. When the horse looses and the money is gone, Castelo sets up Harry and Moe to assassinate each other as punishment, however the two friends decide to take off to Atlantic City with Frank ‘The Fixer’s car and bank account, $250,000 in debt to Castelo. When the mob discover Harry and Moe’s whereabouts they send Frank and the gang to Atlantic City to kill the pair, now the friends must find another way to weasel out of yet another scheme.

Director: Brian De Palma

Actors: Danny DeVito, Joe Piscopo, Harvey Keitel, Ray Sharkey, Dan Hedaya, Lou Albano, Julie Bovasso, Patti LuPone

Year: 1986

Length: 100 Minutes

Classification: M15+ Low level violence, Medium level coarse language


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